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Male Whippets
by Nzuri Na'weh

Goldy Kraund Uspeh (said Uspeh)

20240128151052_IMG_5267 (1).jpg

Date of birth: September 12, 2019

Size: 50cm

Weight: 17 kg

LOF: rating 4

Holder of the BPV (Pursuit on Sight Patent)

Country: Russia

Color: Variegated fawn White


  • Champion Swiss exhibitions

  • Champion of National Exhibitions

  • French Standard Conformity Champion

  • CACS de POMPADOUR 2022

  • CACS of the Nationale d’Elevage 2022

  • International Beauty Champion


Guccio Gucci Sobresalto  (says Gucci)


I am so happy that Gucci is coming to expand our family, thanks to the trust of Arnaldo Cotugno and Annalisa Rovani from Sobresalto breeding in Italy.

A dream pedigree, a sweet and cheerful character and an incredible build, made me fall for this little boy who we will let grow up peacefully.

To be continued!!!

Date of birth: November 22, 2023


Female Whippets
by Nzuri Na'weh

Sacre Luck des Jardins de Becky
(known as Mazekeen)

20230419125134_IMG_5416 (1).jpg

Mazekeen is a dynamic and intelligent young dog! A combo that always makes us experience great adventures with her!

I thank my friends Christelle and Ludovic Chavigny from the Jardins de Becky breeding farm for trusting me to take care of this little imp.

Date of birth: December 26, 2021

Size: 46.5cm

Weight: 12 kg

LOF: rating 1

Color: Sand

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