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Exterior projections

Our males are selected on their morphological qualities, their pedigree, their health and their character.

They have their DNA with Parentage and the Rhodesian Ridgebacks are additionally tested for genetic diseases found in the breed as well as x-rayed.

They regularly go to national and international dog shows in France and abroad where they obtain good results, some have obtained beauty champion titles.


They are available for breeding on females registered in a studbook exclusively and if the marriage seems judicious and interesting to us both in terms of morphology and pedigree. They don't reproduce much because we believe that quality trumps quantity.


The breeding will be carried out under a contract previously signed by both parties.


The modalities (DNA, progesterone level, price, procedure, etc.) will be explained during our discussions.


It is possible to carry out natural coverings or insemination (fresh, frost or frozen) to be specified from the first contact.


Breeding is a thoughtful act that is carefully prepared well in advance.

Pink Sugar

Pink notebook of our Males.

In 2023 : At Evelyne BRUN from the “Des Rêves de Lilou” breeding farm in France.


In 2024 : At Clementine Langelaar of the “VAN DE PALSENBORGHOEVE” breeding in the Netherlands.

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