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Pompadour 2022

Goldi kraund uspeh


"By assigning qualifiers to dogs judged to be closest to the breed standard, exhibitions make it possible to classify subjects according to their morphological qualities. Exhibitions thus contribute to the improvement of dog breeds." SCC


There are 2 types of exhibitions reserved exclusively for dogs registered in a stud book (in France the LOF: Livre des Origines Française): 

  • National or International exhibitions of all breeds which are organized by regional canine societies

  • National Club Shows which focus on a single breed.

We obtain different rewards:

  • CACS: Certificate of Compliance with the Standard

  • CACIB: Certificate of Aptitude for the International Beauty Championship


With my dogs, I am one of the breeders who go to exhibitions, in France and abroad. 

Some will tell you that it is useless but I sincerely think that a breeder cannot stay at home without ever confronting his work with others and just saying that his bloodlines are wonderful!

And it is the opportunity for many things:

  • meet other breeders, owners, dogs of your breed.

  • chat with breed specialists

  • receive advice from judges, other breeders (it's rather rare but it happens!)

  • compare your livestock and identify interesting dogs for future marriages

  • know your dog better, its qualities and, very important, its faults!

  • represent your Breed and having fun!!

The graduation

The rating is a system specific to France. It is an indicator of the criteria for compliance with the standard: health, morphology and natural abilities of the dog.

The rating criteria take into account confirmation, success in the TAN examination, the results of dysplasia screening radiographs, DNA identification and exposure results of individuals and their descendants.


The rating is established from 1 to 6.

The lowest rating (1) corresponds to the confirmation of the subject, which is a minimum essential data for a purebred dog in France: obligatory to obtain its definitive pedigree and to reproduce.



CACS forSWANN and BOB!!!

RCACS forSHAN who becomesGrand Champion of Swiss Exhibitions!!

JAMES4th Excellent

And Best Couple with Swann and Shan!!


Specialist judge Gary DENVER.

83 RR

2000 km round trip which was well worth it!!

Our little Swann literally shone at the age of 21 months by finishing BEST OF BREEDS a big exhibition with some nice competition.

The boys were not unworthy by being classified both! Shan even finished his title of Grand Champion, which was not at all the idea of the day, but we'll take it!!

And we really had fun in the ring with dogs in good spirits and happy to accompany me!

Thanks to Gary DENVER for appreciating my dogs so much!!


NANTES National and International Exhibition Dec 2023

SWANN obtains RCACS on Saturday

and SHAN the CACIB on Sunday and makesBEST OF BREEDS both days!!!

085A0419 (1).jpg

A weekend always eagerly awaited at the beautiful and large exhibition in Nantes.

Under the judgments ofM.JACOPS Sebastien for the NDS and specialistM.JOUANCHICOT Christian for the IDS.

Swann was still a little too happy in the ring but it's coming slowly.

Shan was able to show off as he loves and please us with these 2 great victories. By winning this last CACIB he completes his title and becomes INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION!!!


2023 title

SHAN  "AVE   CAESAR   WONDER   FROM   GALAXY"   becomes   Champion  Exhibition Switzerland    and     International Beauty Champion!!!

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