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Our Rhodesian Ridgeback litters

We don't do many litters and choose our marriages carefully.

My research focuses on males who can bring about improvements in terms of construction but above all who have a balanced and healthy behavior! Their pedigrees are carefully studied over several generations.

for this we do not hesitate to look abroad and build real links with the breeders who trust us.




This is a long-awaited wedding. Buddha is 6 years old today and I have been for 5 years. This is a dog that corresponds in every way to what I like to see in a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a very interesting pedigree!! I thank Veronica Thorèn and Maria Kierkegaard Lundström for their trust. 

 Can't wait to see the little snouts from this pretty couple showing their noses!!

PEDIGREE- Rhodesian Ridgeback pedigree database (


The litter should arrive around March 20, 2024. Pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. We are expecting many babies!

Pukqili is handling his physical change very well and is in great shape. She doesn't leave me anymore.

It's a moment that we both share selfishly and we trust each other. To be continued....

20240306154500_IMG_5728 (2).jpg
20240306154346_IMG_5725 (2).jpg


Shaken, not stirred Litter

Shan and Pukqili's wedding was not planned so soon, but things being this way, we welcomed 10 little Tiny puppies on 05/15/20022 with great happiness!!

2 stayed at home, Swann and James, and I am delighted to see them growing up among us.

A homogeneous litter with 8 standard puppies, 1 female with multi crowns, 1 kinktail male (broken tail).

PEDIGREE - Rhodesian Ridgeback pedigree database (

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image0 (3).jpeg

It's a litter that has had a difficult history but it brought me the richness of an incredible meeting with my friends Elena and Willy Johansson from the AVE CESAR breeder. After 2 trips to Goteborg in Sweden with Na'weh, my little treasure Pukqili was born who reminds me every day how much I regret nothing about the choice of her dad, the handsome livernose ROYCE. Elena and Willy were incredibly welcoming and became lifelong friends.

Our Whippets litters

For the moment the work has been to promote the whippets in the house and let them grow up peacefully. we hope for our first litter at the end of 2024 or 2025. To be continued...



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